Simple and intuitive system for managing your bookings

If you want to have your reservation under control

MAYA Book is transparent booking system, through which you have all your reservations under control. Your customers no longer have an appointment to make calls, send emails, or even go personally. Everything handled from the comfort of home or work, just anywhere and it takes them only a few mouse clicks.

MAYA Book is among friendly reservation programs, which are suitable for all users. You do not need any knowledge of HTML. All you need, when you handle the basics of Word.

Administration is not only friendly, but also simple and functional. MAYA Book can also be used as an internal information system for the organization of work of employees.

The icing on the cake is the English localization with the possibility of extension to other languages and other front-end templates.


Reservation date in several steps

The actual reservation date occurs very easily in several steps and takes only a few mouse clicks.

  1. The customer selects the desired service and date. Based on the selection table is displayed with a choice of available dates and employees (workplace), who selected service provided.

  2. Then selects the desired time. The system monitors whether the attempt to reserve your seat reserved term, or if the book does not attempt to service that takes two hours to one hour before closing time.

  3. Fills the contact information. If everything is filled in correctly, it can submit the form otherwise the error message is displayed.

After sending the booking is delivered by e-mail to the administrator, while reserving person.

When adding a reservation admin can add one short note, which is displayed in color in the calendar box.

Overview bookings in administration

After logging in the administration of the first displays what makes MAYA Book as a useful tool. It's clear the calendar for the next 7 days. According colors at a glance you can see on which dates, to whom and on what kind of service is someone ordered. In addition, there are other useful features.

  • First, the most important feature is the addition of reserves from the administration. This makes it possible to use MAYA Book as an internal information system for the organization of work without using the front-end. So you can add or reservation received by telephone or e-mail. Reservation add double-click on an empty space in the calendar. This opens a form where you fill in the form and everything you need to save.

  • Following a similar function. Clicking the colored box with a reservation form appears for editing reservations. This form also allows you to delete the reservation.

  • Another feature is blocking the terms that it was not booked through the front-end. This is done by clicking on each empty box and then click on the "block specific terms". It is thus possible to block the dates shown across the calendar.

  • The last function is to add a comment. Clicking on the name of the employee (workplace) to the left of the display for comment to a single line. This is then displayed when you mouse over the name of the employee (workplace). Thus, you can write simple notes to each day.

Other tabs "on reserve" and "bookings from" are virtually the same except that the first displays only the selected day and the other all the selected day. On both tabs, you can delete the reservation, and if approval is on the reservation, it is possible to approve reservation.

A last important thing in this section is the "print the selected day". You can print a chart with all the reservations for the selected day.

Opening hours

In the opening hours are set opening hours for each day. There are a few useful options to adjust.

  • The minimum reserve is the size of the boxes in the calendar, and should be the same as the shortest service offered.

  • Deadline is another special feature. If enabled, it is possible to determine the time before / after closing time and before / after hours when it is not possible to make reservations for next / current day. It's a useful feature as it is sometimes appropriate to perhaps 20 hours in the evening ordered someone to 8am the next day. Some services need to somehow prepare or need with the client even agree on certain things. This is particularly important if it is turned off confirmation of reservations (reservations are sending automatically confirmed).


Here they can add or edit individual workplaces (employees) and they are assigned to different activities, which can provide in their workplace.


Here they can add or edit particular services. For each service, in addition to the title sets the length of service, bookable the near term (eg. For some activities you need to order materials, so I need more time to prepare), under which the color appears on the calendar, public line (if not selected and is displayed the front-end only logged admin - this means that admin can also book the other things that are not readily available, but it needs to add to the calendar), mandatory remark (if you need more information, and force the user to fill out a note) and the last is price (only informative item, but appears in e-mail confirmation).


It is possible to set the text that appears before and after the form in front-end. Furthermore, e-mail the administrator (the address from which the e-mails sent) and the text that appears in every email you send. It can be advertisements, special offer ... You can change the default template for front-end (unless you have some other installed), change the default language, password, install additional front-end template and language.


All functions MAYA Book can freely try out at When you first visit the demo created with a unique address. Just complete the installation, where you can choose if you want to install the demo data. Then you can without any limitations make reservations, change settings, just do whatever you can MAYA Book really try and not buy a pig in a poke. Demo automatically after 48 hours deleted.

  • Hairdresser

    Booking system using embedded iframe to a static demo site hairdresser.

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